My Portfolio is nourished by photographies I have been hunting since the camera came into my life. They were perceived and (re)organized following precepts and visual intuitions to be developed, in a sublime outburst, composing little by little an artistic identity or, at least, a selective route map. Not everything is an epiphany in my mundane wandering, but almost… if such is my wish. I try to promote a way of looking that recovers the impression of childhood over darkness (I have always been hounded by opposite ideas: through an elegiac reverence I fight against melancholy). I am driven by lyricism and the search for my own revealing and unified poetics.

In any case, I am open to any sort of proposals that could be stimulating to me, no matter how crazy or ordinary, so I encourage you to contact me, if you did not do it. I will be delighted to hear from you. Likewise, I am attaching my Linkedin profile, for those who are interested. At this moment I live in Murcia (Spain), although I travel as much as possible and Lithuania will always be my home and inspiration.

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